Cylinder Testing Services South Africa

We offer cylinder testing services and full Hotwork repair to welded steel cylinders, as well re-certification of high pressure cylinders in accordance with SANS10019, which may include the following:

  • Valve removal, degassing and initial inspection of cylinders (including internal inspection)
  • Hotwork Repair including removing and replacing footrings, collars and removing dents
  • Post weld heat treatment up to 920C
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test from 2400kPa to 32000kPa
  • Shotblasting (usually 40 micron at SA2.5 or as per customer requirements_
  • Zinc Metal Spray using a thermal arc process
  • Painting to customer requirements
  • Valve Fitting and Finishing

Specialized services:

We offer proof testing of new designs (for example in accordance with ISO4706)


BEE Level 2 Certificate

SANAS Certificate

PAIA Document

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